Monday, January 21, 2013

Cancun Letters #7

Tuesday Feb 27, 2007

Dear Marissa,

I’ll bet you don’t know that the most popular Vietnamese name is Nguyen. Now that you know that, you need to know there must be a shortage of names in Vietnam because Nguyen can be used as both a first name or a last name. And, for that matter, there is at least one Vietnamese who uses it for both. You’re so smart, I’ll bet you’ve already figured this out, his name is Nguyen Nguyen.

The greatest thing about the name Nguyen is it’s not pronounced the way it looks. In fact, the pronunciation isn’t even close to the way it looks. Now, to be totally honest, you have to be able to move your tongue in ways most guys (and girls, probably) only dream of to pronounce Nguyen right, but the word “win” is real close, and that works for me and Nguyen Nguyen. So, I told you all of that so you’d understand that my best new Vietnamese friend is Win Win. Now that has to be sign, and bigger than hell, I’m looking for a sign, since as you’re lying on the beach reading this letter, me and Win Win, are somewhere in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, between Bay Minette and Cancun. At least I hope that’s where we are.

Yep, I’m on the way Marissa. Win Win was Garvin’s friend Salamander’s, “$92.00 deal.” And, to be absolutely accurate here, the deal was a little more than $92.00. To be totally factual, it was $78.15 more than $92.00 which comes to a total of $170.15. That means that summer school will have to wait until fall, but that’s OK, because you mean a lot to me, and besides that, I have an idea that I’m not going to see Oxford, Mississippi this summer.

Maybe I can get some extra credit for going to the Forbidden-Because-Its-Enchanted Forest. Of course that probably means I’ll have to switch my major again. But on the other hand, I don’t remember what I switched it to last time, so that wouldn’t be a big deal. Wouldn’t it be a kick if I’m already an archaeology major. If that is true I could get extra credit for the expedition without switching again.

Well, I’ve got to go and help Win Win bail out his boat. Don’t worry, he says it’s mostly rain water. I do worry a little though, since it hasn’t rained since I got here three days ago.

Watch for me, and I’ll be hoping that you see me soon.